Master Groover QLD


HIYA FOXY PEOPLE!! My name is Rachel Boundy, and I’m one of the Master Groovers for HumanFusion- the first Australian based program of its kind… AMAZING  I’m so honoured to be a part of the team, and hope you all come to LOVE our program as much as I do.



I began dancing at a very young age… Starting off in ballet and jazz, I was always the troublemaker at the back LOL -  Not much has changed there! When I started hip-hop, I knew I was home… Dancing became my whole life - much to the dismay of my poor Dad, who wanted me to be the first female Prime Minister… sorry Dad!


I started teaching when I was 14, and eventually opened up my own dance studio when I was 18. I also studied my Cert III and IV in fitness, and did personal training briefly. When I sold the studio, I was working full time in retail, and I was just about ready to hang up the dancing boots… Zumba Fitness changed all of that, and I became a licensed instructor in 2010. I quit my job to teach full-time, which was SOOOOOO scary!! But when you love something, you make it work, and I eventually launched the Zumba program for one of Australia’s best and fastest growing health clubs. The classes were off the charts, and I felt so honoured to introduce dance and fitness into these people’s lives… Most of them had never even done dance before, but have now gone on to become amazing instructors themselves.



I ultimately made a name for myself for being a bit ‘outside the box’ when it came to my teaching… I’ve never really been one to fit into any sort of mould, especially when it comes to my dance and fitness career… I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drums, and my main goal in life is to inspire others to do the same. All I ever wanted was to find a program that understood that, and welcomed it.


It wasn’t long after that, I came across HumanFusion. The day I met our Head Groover, Angie, I knew this is where I belonged.

The rest is history… I now run my own dance and fitness studio, and help other HumanFusion instructors become the absolute best in the WORLD!!



What I love about this program… It allows you to be HUMAN!!! What woman hasn’t stood in front of the mirror and danced around, like the foxy lady she is… I think this is the root of all FoxyFusion classes. You can be sexy; you can be playful; and you can make it your own :) For 50 minutes, you are YOU in your most natural form, and I LOVE that!!!!

I also love that this program caters to EVERYONE!! It is easy to follow, with the most incredible soundtrack to really get you going.  Whether you are the prima ballerina, or Jo-blow down the road- this program allows you to feel your own rhythm, and use it to make for one hell of a workout!!!


As our inspirational Angie always tells me… “Our hearts beat to a rhythm… we just have to find the dance that matches yours”


So to anyone and everyone, if you want to work out your inhibitions and heat up the room, FoxyFusion is for YOU… I look forward to meeting you!


Dance to your OWN rhythm and don’t let anyone else be the commentator!



xoxo Rach