The stage meets the street in this unique dance fusion class. Traditional jazz technique is combined with urban, rock, pop, and hip hop flavors for a non-stop workout that’s not just all that jazz.  Feel like a star of a music video after learning a dance routine in an easy-to-follow,  add-on choreography format.



Learn dances of tribes in this high energy cardio workout. Covering everything from dancehall through to African and middle eastern dance. A very deep and earthy workout designed to get the heart pumping hard to the beat of the drums!



Transform your body and find your inner strength, inner core and with that your inner Warrior with this martial arts fused fitness class, open for all levels. Fun, challenging and empowering.



WarriorFusion works your mind, body and takes you to a new dimension within your fitness level. Easy to follow, drill based kickboxing exercises set to music. This class is designed to elevate your heart rate as well as challenge your muscles and mind.



Calm the body and the mind in this movement class fused with Tai Chi, yoga and meditation.


With gentle stretches and a strong focus on breathing and control - tame the lion inside!

An educational dance-fitness program designed to get our young ones moving and learning about co-ordination early in life.


This class is appropriate for various ages of children from 3-10 years of age and each release includes an educational theme to tie in to your curriculum!



An exotic mixture of belly dance, bollywood and middle eastern styles. A low impact class which promotes flexibility, muscle control and definition as well as encouraging better self awareness.



Encapsulated in 60 mins of shimmies, undulations  and giggles, OrientalFusion will set the hips on fire!



Ever done a circuit before?

Well this.. is the first ever.... dance circuit.


A different move from each module in each station.

A great way to try ALL the modules!

Tried FoxyFusion? 

Want more?


We have been busy little vixens creating the ultimate dance-fitness program. So below, check out the other modules due out for release in late 2014!


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