Ever woke up one day and said
my life needs to change, but how?

It starts with acting on your positive side and finding your inner groove.


I am a mum of four beautiful fantastic children that I adore and live for them every day. My passion is gardening, dancing, poetry. My story is not unique but how I dealt with heartbreak and sadness.


I started my dancing journey later in life. I found Ballroom and Rock 'n' Roll dance in  late high school with my Cousin and we loved it!


After my first break up, it was a huge blow to my confidence but I had a choice of taking the slow dark road or keep taking steps forward. I chose to keep moving forward and discovered Belly Dance whilst living in Canberra.  I tried to convince my friends to join with me, but they wouldn't go. So instead of waiting for others,
I did my first class and made a 2 year commitment. 


13 years later... and I'm still bellydancing. LOL


After my second heartbreak, with our two girls and youngest just one at time. I moved to QLD to start my new life. I gave it a shot of starting my own classes, but I think it was more of a learning lesson so I've put that on the back burner. Then I met Aradia from Spellbound Bellydance who totally turned my world around and I then truly  found home in the sunshine state. It is the most challenging Bellydance I have ever done and I wanted even more for my dance journey. 


Which brings me here today.


I have regained my confidence in finding something positive and surrounding myself with amazing positive people. Humanfusion is all about positive, fun attitude to life and believing in yourself. Join me on my journey.


You Can, You Will, You Are


The positive person


You want to be


Just Believe


We do.