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Looking for a way to utilise your love for dance?

We are looking for instructors who can't live without dancing!


You’ve seen the groove and done the moves. Now it’s time to help others unleash their inner dance star. Become a HumanFusion Instructor by attending an Instructor Certification weekend - or do it online! We’re looking for dynamic and energetic fitness instructors to teach exhilarating and addictive classes in your area.


Group fitness instruction and/or dance experience is highly recommended, as instructors will be expected to demonstrate and inspire class attendees to for at least 50 minutes each class.  You'll need a Senior First Aid and a passion for dance!


Your first step: The Core Module Certification

We know you want to get on with your life, which is why we’ve condensed everything you need to know about teaching HumanFusion modules into an online Instructor Certification Portal. To register for Certification, click here:






At our Certification, you will learn the HumanFusion class model, try a few classes, safety and alignment, pre/cueing and core teaching principles, and practical exam preparation. Choreography is created and supplied with music carefully selected by our Crew to maintain consistency, integrity to the dance style and freshness of programming.


This includes warm-ups, muscle strength/isolation sequences, dance combos and cool downs. We have also built in some flexibility for instructors to customise their choreo and playlists by providing them with many choreography options to choose from. Teach it as it is or mix it up!


On successful completion of the Training, we will issue you with your Certificate – it’s as simple as that. You will also receive the resources you will need to promote and manage your class.


Think of it as your dance fitness training complete Career-Start Package!

Once you have taken the HumanFusion Core Module Certificatrion you are allowed to teach the module/s you subscribe to, use the name in your class title and call yourself a HumanFusion Instructor.


With HumanFusion you can work part time or full time, setting the hours and venues that suit you, and you can be fully Certified for as little as $299! That is a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for other dance fitness programs of this calibre (these can set you back at least $499).


So, what's the investment?


Monthly subscription is only $38.95 (per month) for access to the ongoing portal content including choreo, music, resources and much more! We are currently waiving the $299 training investment due to high demand for Instructors!


Do I have to do quarterly workshops and pay for cds and dvds?

No. The great thing about this program is, once you have completed your Certification (in person or online), all choreography, music, resources, marketing material and much more are all online. No more expensive workshops, no more clumsy cds and dvds. Learn online from your computer, iPad or smartphone! Plus you can have one on one skype support with your Master Groover ANY TIME!


There will be optional booster workshops that you can attend to improve your own skills. :)