Introducing Australia's FIRST
Group Fitness Learning Portal

What's in the GFH?

Your online HumanFusion GroupFitnessHub includes:

Hours of fun, inspiring + education content


Over 30 hours of world class content in 16 sections with over 50 easily digestible lectures covering everything from the HumanFusion Philosophy and Teaching Principles to your first full routine and how to successfully market your classes, plus much, much more - and that's just the CERTIFICATION!


You'll also have access to ongoing articles, courses and mini courses on various topics to do with dance, fitness, instructing, group fitness, vocal conditioning and MUCH MORE!

One-on-one mentorship


One-on-one, remote coaching calls with your Master Groover designed to support you and help you through the course with ease and clarity. These are unlimited and available for you to book inside the portal.  We want to support you throughout your journey as needed.

Peer mentorship and community


We look forward to introducing you to our worldwide community of Instructors and Dancers through various social media platforms and forums. Support, motivation and inspiration are waiting for you!

What is HumanFusion made up of?

  • Real dance. Real fusion. We want to preserve the arts through your classes, so you'll find REAL belly dance moves for example in OrientalFusion® and REAL Tai Chi in ZenFusion.

  • Flexible time classes (based on your requirements). So you can run a 30 min Express FoxyFusion tomorrow but a 55 min WarriorFusion class on Thursdays. The choice is yours!

  • Multi-level fitness. The classes are all designed for you to use your professional abilities to offer classes for ALL of your participants and target markets - be that children right through to GFX lovers.

  • Holistic and positive. We always use body-positive messaging and a holistic approach to not only a healthy body but a healthy mind. We do not simply put a rockstar up front for everyone to admire. We only offer world class group fitness for those who want to improve their body, their health and their state of mind.

  • Authentic musical journey. In keeping true to the genre of each module, we offer music that is tailored to the style of your dance.  All music is PPCA free and either locally or internationally sourced.

  • Pre-style dance based group fitness. We don't want clones. We want passion. We want excitement. We want to change the fitness industry. We give you the map and the tools but let you rub on your own flavour appropriately. :)

Rach Boundy - QLD
Springfield Masterclass QLD
2013 Instructor Certification
The gorgeous Kat (QLD)
Ange - the Head Vixen


How long does Certification take online?

The course is self study, self paced and is comprised of approx. 10 hours of video content, quizzes, assessments and supplementary activities. We recommend that you complete the course within 3 months but it remains active for up to 12 months. 


Once you have completed the Certification and all Assessments, the submit your  final video class assessment for review by your Master Groover. Should there be any issue with your final assessment, your HG will suggest and provide further support. Once your Certification is approved, you will go on to the monthly subscription to have ongoing access to all music choreo and the GroupFitnessHub.

Is there a monthly fee to be an instructor?

Yes. Just like many other well known group fitness programs in the industry, there is a fee of $37.95 / month for all Certified Instructors.


It gives you access to a member only online platform loaded with  choreography, music and marketing materials ~ everything you need to teach awesome classes. No outside CECs are required to maintain your certification. We just require you to be either actively teaching or active within the portal at least once a month. This is to maintain your "Zone" - each Instructor gets a 2km zone which is all YOURS.

Do I have to do the Certification to get access to the GroupFitnessHub?

No. If you just want access to the GFH, then you can sign up at any time. We have special pricing until end of 2015.


$15.95 p/mth until end of 2015

As of 1st Jan 2016, it will stay at $29.95 p/mth.


This is currently FREE for all HumanFusion Certification Instructors until end of 2015.


You can cancel at any time wih 7 days notice. No obligation - just pure education and awesome-ness.


Is there any marketing material included or do we pay extra?

Absolutely! ALL marketing material is supplied and we'll even co-brand for you should you wish to incorporate your own logos on to the material. Everything from Facebook graphics, poster templates, timetable templates through to forms and websites! YES you can even have your own HumanFusion website with YOUR INFO in it. All you need to do is pay the domain and hosting costs.