Do I have to be a dancer to do these classes?


Absolutely not! We have designed these classes so that ANYONE can do them! Just be sure to let your Instructor know if you have any medical conditions  so that they can make your experience with us, a safe one. :)

Can I do classes when I am pregnant?


Some of the HumanFusion classes are very suitable for pregnancy. However, to attend any of our classes in any location, you must get clearance from your Doctor, Midwife or Medical Practictioner. We want you (and your bundle of love), to be sassy and healthy but most of all safe. 

What do I wear to class?


Whatever is comfortable and makes you feel sexy! Some ladies come along in regular workout gear. Some love to come along with their girlfriends and wear their sexiest overskirts, boas and much more! 




Is there a minimum age limit to attend FoxyFusion?


We prefer our Vixens to be at least 18 years of age for this class due to it's sexual nature. We have many other modules coming out in 2015 which you will LOVE!


If you are seriously hellbent on doing FoxyFusion®, yup... we'll need a note from your mum. This will come in the form our waiver. So if you bring that to class... and mum's cool with it, then go for it. Just keep it in the classroom ;)


I like the classes so much I'd love to become an instructor!

Awesome! That is fantastic to hear! So to begin your journey as an Groover with us, check out the Instructors page and register to do your Core Module Training. We also offer Face2Face days, Skype solo sessions and live events! We can't wait to get you on the Crew with us!


Got questions?


Below are some common questions we've had over time. If there is something you have a burning desire to know and we haven't uncovered it here for you, drop us an email anytime!