Eli Haski
Master Groover (ACT)
It’s funny where life can take you...

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a fitness instructor.

But here I am….


My working background is in Jewellery, trained as a gemmologist, diamond grader and jewellery valuer. Having moved from Sydney to regional NSW I had a break from working to raise my children and found myself with the rare opportunity to change my career.


Having struggled with my weight my entire life, reaching 106kg at my heaviest and feeling very unhappy. I have lost weight and gained it again several times. When we decided to have children I knew I needed to loose the weight, so I got stuck into exercise and healthy eating. I built up my exercise from walking 1hour every morning to running 45min as well as stretching. I managed to loose 15kg before falling pregnant with my first child. I gained 20kgs, so was back up to 100kgs. I kept this weight on for 2 years and after a miscarriage, something had to be done. I got stuck in again and lost 13kgs, with the help of meals replacements and building up to get back into the running. Falling pregnant again I was very conscious not to put it all back on and managed to maintain some exercise and only gained 8kgs. I was determined to get this off as soon as I could after the baby. When my baby was 6 months I got back into the meal replacements and increased my exercise.


I am now the smallest and fittest I have ever been, losing 25kgs and able to run 5km in 28min.


As a child and teenager I danced, ballet, jazz and tap. In my late teens I studied Hapkido -  a Korean martial arts, attaining the rank of green belt, (half way to black belt) before leaving to go travelling overseas. It was not until I started going to Zumba classes in the high school hall in Gundagai that I started dancing again. Having then unexpectedly moved to Canberra, I was walking through a new retail centre and came across the HumanFusion studio.


The next day I did a class and it changed my life. Here I was dancing again, learning technical skill, and getting a great workout. HumanFusion has changed my life in so many ways. It has given me a great awareness of my body and how it moves and a self-confidence that I never had before. I've met celebrities, found new confidence in myself as a woman and am now a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Senior Strutter with HumanFusion.


I literally went from Housewife to Vixen in 50 minutes!