You put da lime in de coconut...

Make an impact on your group fitness classes

An average ripe coconut weighs about 2kg and when it falls from it's palm, reaches speeds in excess of 80km/h - hitting the ground with a force equal to around 167kg. Quite an impact!


Indeed, around 150 people every year die from being hit by coconuts. Thankfully, it's nowhere near as dangerous when a coconut lands on your desk.


We are HumanFusion - a bunch of crazy dancers and fitness professionals, using dance and fitness to generate a unique and awesome series of classes for your Instructors to run in your Club/Studio. We use this creative outlet to create commercial advantage for clubs/studios and we'd love to talk to you about the impact we could have on your bottom line and to your Group Fitness class numbers.


Do you want to:

  • boost numbers to your classes?

  • improve member retention?

  • get fresh Instructors?

  • Invigorate your existing GF team?

  • offer something NEW on your timetable EVERY quarter?


We are happy to come to you or meet you almost anywhere so fill out your details below and one of our Head Vixens will get in touch.


We can't wait to meet you - so long as it's not under a coconut palm. ;)

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