Want more members?

Want to increase retention rates?

Want to be the leader in your community?

HumanFusion® is an all inclusive dance fitness program that will allow you to access an entirely new population that would not have been accessible without our program. People are over fads and inconsistency in programs.


With over 25 years of experience,  HumanFusion® is delivering a dance fitness program that allows club and studio owners to set up and manage their classes as well as instructors - internally.


What is the advantage of adding HumanFusion® to your club or studio? 

It is unique and attracts not only fitness enthusiasts, but also mums, dancers that may have left their dancing days behind as well as the general public. This well developed class structure appeals to the entry level beginner, the regular class participant  and the hard core enthusiast.


Due to all the recent media, reality shows and popularity of dance programs, promotions can drive a host of new members into your facility. We also offer exclusivity around your facility to assure that you are the leader in your community. Another Member cannot open within 2km of you*!


How is  HumanFusion® different?

HumanFusion® is a structured program and lifestyle brand. It incorporates dance, fitness, nutrition and social interaction into a complete healthy lifestyle focused class. It differs from other dance fitness programs because of the unique edge it will give your facility. Not only one class with a multitude of styles, but a range of very specific dance styles which can be utilised by your club/studio to best suit your members.


We choreograph a wide range of dance genres, but retain the integrity of the style in order to preserve the arts. We also are continuously choreographing material, so "fresh" takes on a whole new meaning when your instructors are able to offer new choreography on a monthly basis without having to take time off to attend expensive workshops that only offer quarterly choreography changes.


If you want to add HumanFusion® to your timetable  or increase the quality of your current dance fitness program, HumanFusion® is a great way to provide the fun, but also to ensure quality and a proven track record. All HumanFusion® instructors are certified and trained by actual qualified dancers and trainers. 


Get down!