Have real fun, create real change and make real $.


This Mission will power the changes you want to make in your life.
Imagine having a financial incentive for getting healthier!


Do you feel like losing weight is a lonely path?

Our Missions aren’t just fun - they changes lives. Get hooked on the accountability, social support, and inspiration from other recruits on the Mission and make lifelong friends - worldwide.


Do you give up on yourself to easily?

Our Missions work by forcing you to make a concrete commitment to yourself with cold hard cash. Then it holds your feet to the fire by driving you towards your goal in only 4 short weeks. Finally, it gets you to laugh your way through the journey with fellow players. 




So how does it work?


1. Join

Sign up to the next Mission and challenge your
friends, family and gym buddies.



2. Weigh-In

To weigh-in and weigh-out, you submit two photos, one of you
on a scale and another of the scale's readout with the weigh-in
word for that day. That's it! All photos are private.


All weigh-ins are logged and reviewed by our Master Groovers.



3. Play

You've now got 28 days to lose 4% of your bodyweight. Use the private
Facebook group to post photos, cheer the other players, and get tips
and class locations near you.



4. Weigh-Out

You're almost there! After the final day, you will have 48 hours to weigh out
with the new word for the day.



5. Win!

Wow, you just got paid to lose weight! 48 hours after your game ends, the results are
made official and the pot  is divided among the winners.




Of the $49.95 Mission signup, $10 goes into the "pot" for each player.
48 hrs after the game ends, all players who have compled the final weigh in are calculated and those who lose 4% of their bodyweight share in the final pot.

The more players - the bigger the pot you can win!



Sign up for the
April Mission here!


Once you have signed up, click here to be added to the Private Mission Group