My name is Ange and I have been a graphic designer since the age of 16 when I made the executive choice to start my first business - Spellbound Creative.

Over the last 25 years I have been fortunate to learn from the best in the design and print industry as well as make a unique path for myself as an entrepreneur.

I was named Young Business Woman of the Year in 1997 at the World Business Expo back in Melbourne (when Ansett was still around!) and as recent as 2016 I was nominated for Gold Coast Citizen of the Year Award. So I've been busy.

My passion is branding and assisting companies to ensure they have the best brand and material for their business to succeed. 

I skip between being full time on my own to working on contract with my clients so if I am unable to help you I will always point you in the right direction. 

What I do:

  • Logo / brand / stationery / website / marketing material - all things graphic design

  • Illustration + Tattoo design

  • Art direction

  • Large publication design

  • Rebranding and consulting

  • I make a pretty lamb shank and chorizo soup in the slow cooker

What I don't do:

  • Tend to avoid producing work for home user applications such as Microsoft Word / PowerPoint

  • Take on half finished projects

  • Copy artwork from another designer

  • I will never charge you for supplying your design files (once paid in full of course)

  • Tell you that the logo your next door neighbours son did for you is fantastic if it isn't

  • Put on my Nans' shoes and dance to 80s music in the lounge room (those rumours are unfounded)